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  1. Sue Merritt says:

    I just got the Juki TL-2200QVP. I can get the tension adjusted perfectly, but the bottom tension gets very loose in spots. What could cause the inconsistency?


    1. Sue,
      Is the tension loose in any certain areas like curves? Please check your bobbin case is clean.


  2. Diane says:

    I’m having a horrible time trying to get the tension adjusted correctly on the back of my Juki QVP am using Signature thread and the needles that came with the machine.
    I finally found Bottom Line in the bobbin and Aurifil (gray spool) in the top to marry well. Have been told I need to have the same thread in the bottom as in the top — would love your thoughts and help. Please and thank you. I am new to long arming but not new to sewing, tensioning and free motion quilting.


    1. Diane,
      I have found that with the long arm I get better results with the same weight thread in the top and bobbin. The aurifil and bottom line are similar in weight.
      If you remove your bobbin and hold it by the thread it should hang if you bounce it slightly, it should unwind slowly.
      Check your bobbin tension and see how it looks. If you don’t mind to email me back and let me know how it is looking.



      1. Diane says:

        Karen — I used the Jamie Wallen bobbin testing method leave the bobbin in your hand hold the thread and see if it comes up on its side which it does . . . that worked
        When I had the bobbin tighter with the drop method I had horrible back stitches. There is a yahoo group for this machine but seems controlled by Kathy’s quilts husband and he just keeps repeating that they sew off all their machines before they ship them — and implies since we didn’t buy from someone who sewed off our machines we are having problems. I don’t buy into it. When I free motion on my 440 I test bobbin tension with every quilt . . . I have been quilting for about 15 years . . . and sewing for a lot longer than that Will be playing on it more today — I need to find a sale on batting — or load a huge one (I’m using Hobbs 80/20) to play with the machine . . . and I’m not using tight woven batiks to practice with


      2. Diane,
        I am going to be traveling again next week. I just got back from being on the road for 4 weeks. Is there a good time I can call you? I think that might be easier on both of us.



      3. Diane says:

        Would love to speak with you! I just don’t want my home phone # all over everything. Can you email me privately?

        I have found that 50 weight Aurifil in the top and Libby Lehman’s Bottom Line in the bobbin OR Aurifil 50 weight in the bobbin gives me a lovely stitch top and bottom. I absolutely love this machine. Can you tell me where the serial # is so I can register it on line. My dealer is about an hours drive away — and I wanted to “play” with the machine before I take my classes. Also need to know how to care for the machine (oiling isn’t an issue) and frame and any threads you would recommend. The quilt shop sold me Signature which I really dislike — I am using the signature on my 440 and I don’t get a good stitch with it on that machine — it’s cotton covered polyester and feels like hand quilting (I also hand quilt) thread to me. Any rulers you recommend for use with the machine? (I did buy 2 Handi Quilter rulers) and will a “base” for ruler quilting be available?


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