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  1. Jean Condon says:

    Hmmmm, here I am and I know I can’t go, already have a commitment those days, however, our guild is hosting a quilt camp this weekend and I would be happy to offer them to other quilters attending. Whatcha think?


    1. Jean,
      I think that is a fine idea. Quilters are all about sharing. Just have who ever attends put their name and info on the back of the ticket.

      Thanks for Joining the Juki Fun,


  2. Claudia Taylor says:

    Claudia Taylor
    P O Box 3662
    Chattanooga, TN 37404


    1. Claudia,
      If attending on Thursday please call my cell 865-438-8382 I will bring your ticket the the front.
      If Fri or Sat I will leave it at the ambassador desk.



      1. bluetenn says:

        Karen, it was so nice to meet you at the Georgia Quilt show. We really enjoyed it! I did get a chance to test most of the long arm quilting machines, including the Juki. It was also exciting to see the new Juki serger. I think I might get one. Do you know if Juki has plans to make a sewing/embroidery machine?


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