When the Coffee Gods turn on you

When the Coffee Gods turn on you

So this story just has to be told. Those of you who know me are aware I drink just a bit of coffee 😉
My trip to Palm Beach Florida for the World Quilt Show seemed to somehow upset the coffee gods.
While packing for the trip I spilled coffee on the carpet of my studio. Not too big of a deal.
Next day while working on my lap top I spilled a full Starbucks Latte into the key board. My first reaction was actually, of no, My coffee !!!! Then I realized, Oh no, My Computer !!!! Alas, there are several keys on the keyboard that no longer respond.
Next day, I was carrying a cup of coffee in to the show with me and I look down and it had splashed down the front of my white shirt and onto the sleeve. A quick wash with cold water and carefully placed badge and I made it through the day.
The Coffee gods have seemed to calm down but just in case, check out my new phone cover on facebook. Here is the link.

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  1. What beautiful fabric! So cute. While I haven’t particularly had a problem with the way I cover the zip ends, this way is definitely better, so I’ll try it! I’m always intrigued, and somehow a little scared, by that way of doing the bottom corners… I am really happy boxing corners, but the thought of having pre-cut them is more daunting, as you really have to get it right. Still, I ought to give it a go!


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