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  1. hutch2013 says:

    Snow? Oh thats the stuff you see every ten years or so.


  2. debi Crocker says:

    lET IT SNOW! It may be may but we are still watching for snow or frost at night! So let it snow! I’ve got Holiday quilts to finish before Santa comes down the chimney!


  3. Phylis Bernard says:

    “Let it snow” pbernard@snet,net


  4. Tracy says:

    Let it snow. My Juki -2000Qi and I know, that soon it will spring and more quilting it will bring, so let it snow, let snow, let it snow!


  5. Debbie G says:

    LET IT SNOW! and nourish the wheat.


  6. tracy says:

    let it snow!


  7. Margie Etchberger says:

    Rme1833@comcast.net, please enter me in quilt kit giveaway.


  8. Keturah says:

    Let it snow


  9. debi Crocker says:

    Let it snow let it snow let it snow so I can quilt some more!


  10. “Let It Snow”
    I have a juki 600 and absolutely love it.


  11. Shirley A Brennan says:

    New to the Juki world, would welcome any and all tips for quilting on the Juki 2200. Has anyone experienced any problems with there machine, such as inserting needle in machine.


  12. judy powell says:

    Wyoming snow is the best. Let it snow.


  13. Suzie says:

    Let it snow.


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