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  1. Brenda hawks says:

    I bought a new Juki 644D several months ago. I had several weeks of frustration before buying a serger how to book and then had weeks of fun until the needle came out of the needle plate. I ordered a new needle plate from dealer on internet as there are no dealers near me in Roanoke, Va. I was sent the wrong one & the dealer has yet to send me a refund. I ordered one from another dealer. I got it today & it is damaged ( I think it was refurbished) it can not be used. I called dealer, have to wait to talk to someone until Monday & after 4 weeks I still can’t use my Juki. I am really disgusted & am thinking of buying a different model from a local dealer, where I can at least have serger serviced. Any suggestions on where I can buy a new needle plate that will be the correct one & not damaged or refurbished would be appreciated.


    1. Brenda,
      There is a Virginia dealer Fabric Hut. They are in Norfolk. If they cant help you let me know I will find someone to take care of you.



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