Quilt Decor

How nice to see quilts I gave as gifts decorating my Sister In Laws rooms. 

This one was showing off a set of beautiful candles on her Dining Room table.


ImageI had almost forgotten making this one, it was hanging over the bed in her Master bedroom. 



Are you preparing any gifts this year?  It is almost July already. 6 months away to complete projects. 


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  1. Oh…that could never be true. Everyone always loves a gifted quilt, there can never be too many . 😉


    1. Cheyenne says:

      Anyone can go to the store and buy something for a gift. A gift that some one took time and thought to make, just for them, is a thing of beauty and pride and is more appreciated that you will ever know. I make all my gifts as it is like giving a piece of ones self to another and lets them know you think they are a special part of your life.


  2. Kristina C says:

    I’m ALWAYS working on something. Currently quilting two sheets together at the request of my mother for her birthday. I think it’s possible that the rest of my family is getting a little tired of quilted gifts, LOL


  3. They are beautiful. I especially liked the Indian and the buffalo one. Keep up the good work.


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