Quick Rag Quilt Gift.

Yep, You still have time to throw this one together.  I am working on my Grandbaby’s for Christmas.  It is elephants and foxes with greys, greens, and orange.


This one is a few years old, I still use it.  The more you wash the better they get.


Flannels or Homespun’s both make great Rag Quilts.

  • Do Not Pre-wash your fabric.

Fabric Requirements; 9 inch fabric Squares. Follow yardage chart below.

Total fabric requirements to complete front and back.

48” x 64” (96 squares, 6 wide by 8 long) = 6 yds

64” x 80” (160 squares, 8 wide by 10 long) = 10yds

80” x 96” (240 squares, 10 wide by 12 long) = 15yds

104” x 104” (338 squares, 13 wide by 13 long) = 22yds

Using sizing Chart above, Cut appropriate number of 9 inch fabric squares.

Option; if using batting cut half the number of 8 inch batting squares.

(If quilt requires 96 fabric squares cut 48 batting squares)

Place one square with wrong side facing up (this will be the backing square).  If adding batting to your quilt, place batting square on top of backing square.  Now place Top Square, right side up.  This will make your quilt block sandwich.

Repeat this process until you have made all your quilt block sandwiches.

You will need to quilt each square one-by-one.

This doesn’t need to be a long, time-consuming job, a simple X through the middle is fine, or if you choose, quilt hearts, bears, stars, stippling circles or whatever you enjoy.

This is a great place to Practice your Free Motion.  Have Fun.

* Since you will be quilting each square individually there is usually no need for basting sprays or pins. The fabric squares stick well together with or without the cotton batting inside.


I use a ½” seam when combining my blocks, this gives me just enough frayed edge. If you prefer lots of fluff and fray then perhaps go a little bigger. A ¾” or 1 inch seam can be used. Just remember, if you make a larger seam, it will reduce the size of your quilt.

Sew Rows together; you may want to lay your quilt out in your desired arrangement before beginning to sew together.

* While sewing you will always want the seams to be facing you.

Stack one sandwich on top of another and sew a ½” seam on the right side of the blocks.  Now unfold the blocks, with raw edge seam facing up.  Place next block underneath block 2 and sew with ½ inch seam.

Continue until you have completed a row the desired width.

Continue until all rows are complete.

Press the seams open between the squares.  This will reduce bulk when sewing your rows together.

Now sew the rows together matching up the seams. Always sew with the raw seam towards the top of the quilt.

After you have joined the rows, sew a seam the same size as you used to join your blocks around the outer edge of the quilt.


Using heavy-duty snips or spring loaded scissors, cut lines in the seam allowances about ¼” apart. Try to cut as close to the seam as possible without cutting it.

* Perfection is not needed here so don’t stress over getting the cuts exactly ¼ inch.

Once you have cut all the seams (don’t forget to cut all the way around the edge of the quilt also) then throw the quilt in the washing machine and run it through a normal cycle.

I often take my rag quilts to the laundry mat for their first washing and drying process.  The washers there are heavier duty and can take the lint better.

Once the cycle is finished give the quilt a good shake out and remove any large loose threads (you don’t have to take all the little bits off). Now place your quilt in the dryer using a medium to high heat setting.  This will help the seams fray even more and become soft and fluffy.

Once the quilt is dry shake it outside (lots of the lint and fluff will come off).  Use a lint brush or roller to remove any excess lint and loose threads.

The more the quilt is washed and dried the fluffier and more frayed the seams become.

Sew Happy,


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