How’s Your Back

Question for the Day…

Do you piece the back fabrics for your quilts or do you use a large whole cloth?

I piece the back for my last quilt, mostly because the fabric I wanted to use wasn’t large enough.  I am pretty happy with my pieced back, it took a little more time but gave it a little more interest.

Long Arm Quilt Back
Pieced Back Loaded on Long Arm                      Loaded backing,  Loaded Top…
Loaded Quilt with Bamboo Batting
Loaded Quilt with Bamboo Batting

Finished Stitching.

Used a floral design from the Quilters Creative Touch.

quilt backquilt front

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  1. Thea says:

    I use different things for each backing – depends on the look I want – I do though at times use up all the scraps from the front that are left and sew them ramdomly together for a crazy quilt backing – other times I use one large piece – all depends on my mood and what the quilt tells me it wants. I have not quilted one of these on my Juki yet as I have only had it a year and have been having problems quilting over the seams from the backing – I have only done them on my domestic machine…


    1. Thea, What size and type of needle are you using when having a multi-pieced back?


  2. C. Dixon says:

    I usually piece the backing with two lengths of the same fabric unless I can find a wide backing that I like. I have a question for you, how do you like the bamboo batting? I’ve been curious about it but never have tried it.


    1. The bamboo batting I have used is by Winline They make 100% bamboo. If I use only it, it is a lightweight quilt. So soft and drapes wonderful. I have also layered it with cotton when I want to look of a double batting to get that more defined quilting look.


  3. Ruthann says:

    I’ve done several pieced backs. It is a great way to use up fabric you ‘like’ but have fallen out of ‘love’ with or use up the extra fabric over purchased for a project (I seem to do that all the time). I also put my ‘orphan…..didn’t make the cut for the front blocks’ on the back. There are always a few of them and I strategically place them on the back so their seaming doesn’t interfere with the seaming on the front when I am quilting.


  4. Shirley Brennan says:

    Unless I have the wide fabric,back will be pieced. Do not like to have lot of seams on back.
    Will you be at the Quilt Show in Palm Beach, Florida in January 2015.


  5. Carrie Cunningham says:

    Beautiful! I’ve only done a pieced back once.


  6. Charlie Nash says:

    I always make my backs with a design and fabric from the front. It does take a bit more time however I think adding something to the back adds more interest.

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