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  1. Jennifer Long says:

    I love the design, and I love variegated. When I use variegated, I use colors that will not blend in with the fabric…I think you do not like it because parts are blending too well into the fabric and you lose parts of the flower.


  2. Sandra
    Where do you live?
    When you go at a high speed precision may not be the correct mode to stitch in.
    My frame is set as 7ft in my home studio.
    I have one end by the window the other open enough to walk around.
    You need about 5 feet from wall when in use. When I am not quilting I push it against the wall.


    1. Sandra says:

      Hi Karen. Thank you for your reply. I live in Singapore. I understand that the long arm is coming to Australia in April so am thinking of ordering one. But also looking at what others say about the machine and the accessories like frames, handles, etc.


  3. Janet says:

    I think about the flower looks great. I really like the variegated thread.


  4. V Walters says:

    Thread color is not pleasing. Perhaps a monofilament if you want shine or a solid color, white if you want contrast, match fabric if you want to see the pattern but little dimension, or something in between like a pink. I personally quilt in white or lights or a dark background. I like to see the work. VW


  5. I think it would look nice with a solid color thread instead of variegated thread. Looks nice😊


    1. I think it is the light bits in the variegation that I don’t care for. Glad it is a practice piece.


  6. Cheryl says:

    I’d like to see the rest of the quilt before making a comment. It depends on how it blends in with the rest of the design and colors. If you want to just add dimension, I agree with Mary… keep the same color thread as fabric.


    1. Cheryl,
      I think that is it, when I look at the whole quilt it works, it is a very busy print kinda funky. When I focus on just the flower I don’t like the light color bits of thread in the verification.


      1. Cheryl says:

        What matters is how the entire quilt looks. If this section works with the rest of the quilt, then it’s good. Don’t stress too much on one small section if it fits into the overall look of the quilt.


  7. Mary Seitzman says:

    I would match the thread color with the fabric color just to add dimension not color.


  8. Cheyenne says:

    Very nice design. Thread needs to be same color as fabric or contrast to highlight design.


  9. Carrie Cunningham says:

    Looks like variegated thread! I think it’s beautiful!


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