Welcome Longarm Quilters


Welcome Juki Longarm Quilters. We are excited to start our first consumer training at our HSM Juki Headquarters.

About Juki Home Blog by the Juki Girl

My name is Karen Pharr and I am Juki America's Home Sewing National Educator. I love to Sew, Quilt, and anything else you can do with fabric.

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  1. Another Awesome day with Pat and Karen- Amazing lessons with Rulers and Pantos- love all the new moves and tricks…..and I love all my new friends! Thank you for an excellent event! Looking forward to a fabulous dinner celebration tonight!


  2. Worked with Karen at the HMQS in Salt Lake 2 weeks ago and she is great! Explained so many things that I would be lost if I did not know.


  3. What is the best way to register for the June class? I’ve tried emailing and calling and have received no response.


  4. I am very happy to be one of the participants of this first class. Already after one day I think we have learned a lot and have made some new quitting friends. Karen and Pat are both great and are giving us the benefit of their years of experience.


  5. Arrived last night from Seattle Washington, so excited to meet Karen and my new Longarm Family! Laurie


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