Ruler Work

Ruler Work with our Attendees.  Using the Ruler base and some great techniques everyone loved Ruler Work with their Juki Longarm Rulers.

Click on a photo to view in slide show format.

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My name is Karen Pharr and I am Juki America's Home Sewing National Educator. I love to Sew, Quilt, and anything else you can do with fabric.

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  1. Magdalena Poslusna

    Hi Karen, please where can I buy ruler base for JUKI TL-2200 QVP? Any online shop – I am from Czech Republic (Europe) . Thank you very much Magdalena


  2. Lorna,
    We do not make a ruler base for the 2010. However with the size of the base of the machine you can work with rulers without a base. Just do not use large rulers stick to rulers the size of your hand.


  3. Debbie, you can work on both side as well as front to back. If you are starting out typically on the left side.


  4. I’m not sure I fully understand the above responses about ruler work. Do Sew Steady rulers work for the Juki TL 2200 QVP-S on all sides of the foot (360 degrees)? I really want to purchase this machine, but rulers must work easily and on all sides of the foot. Thanks so much for answering this question. I LOVE my TL 2010Q.


  5. Can you use the Juki ruler base with the QVP-s when used with the table instead of as a longarm?


  6. Are there pictures or installation instructions somewhere for the ruler base? I bought the juki ruler base from Moore Sewing in California and there is NO WAY that ruler base will fit on my Juki QVP 2200. I’ve talked to the store multiple times and they keep telling me the “part must be right”. The ruler base won’t even fit under my quilting foot and the magnets are scratching the table. Allbrands online shows a different ruler base than Moore sold me. What does the correct one look like? Please help – I really want to try ruler work!


  7. What rulers were used? What setting is used?


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