Juki Quilting Rulers

The only way for me to get those perfect circles and straight lines is using a Ruler.  JUKI has released a new starter kit for your longarm.  A perfect way to start using rulers.  A great set and instructions for creating designs.


JUKI Longarm Rulers Part # MQT-QR_DRULER  Check with your local dealer.

A great addition to go with your Ruler Base, a must have if you are Quilting with Rulers.


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  1. Roni peters says:

    Can you leave your ruler base on all the time?


  2. Carolyn Kohut says:

    Hi! Any updates on the ruler foot for the 2010?


    1. The Ruler foot for the 2010 is Now Available. Please contact your Dealer and ask them to order it for you.


      1. Peggy Jones says:

        thanks, been looking everywhere for a ruler foot that will fit my juki 2010Q machine


      2. Hi Peggy,
        You can contact a juki dealer and they can order the ruler foot for you.
        To find a local dealer please refer to the dealer locator at http://www.jukihome.com


  3. So glad to see these rulers Karen. Will they work with the 2010? Is there a foot I need to order to use these with my 2010? Thanks.


    1. Julie,
      We are currently working on a ruler foot for the 2010 and I am hoping you will see it soon.



  4. hwndrmr says:

    Will these be demonstrated at the September retreat? Will they be available for purchase there?


    1. These will be demonstrated at the Retreat and you will get hands on use with them. We don’t sell them at the retreat, we prefer sales go through our dealer. If you have any trouble finding them we will give you dealer info.

      Look forward to seeing you in Sept.


      1. Sue James says:

        It is disappointing the rulers will not be available at the retreat – my dealer is a 2 hour drive away! Would you reconsider? Do you know whether they will be available at Quilt Expo, Madison, WI in September? What about the ruler base? Same thing?


      2. Sue,
        Yes, both should be available in Madison.


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