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  1. Samantha says:

    Is a 2.0 twin needle the only width that can be used with this machine? or only when using the actual twin needle setting? I am wanting to use a wider needle for hemming (knits) and topstitching (jeans).


    1. Samantha,
      at 2.0 is recommended. If you use a wider needle check your clearance before you begin sewing.


  2. Joy says:

    This looks like a great machine! Problem is, not all, in fact not very many, Juki dealers seem to carry it (and where I live, none of them are “local”). So my question is, even though this is a “non-internet” machine, can I order one over the phone if I locate a dealer I like and would they be allowed to ship it to me? Thanks in advance!


  3. Jo-Marie says:

    What is the difference between this machine and HZL-F600?


    1. The most exciting addition to the DX2000 is an Auto Foot lift. You will also find a programmable foot control. Built in Single needle plate and additional stitches.


  4. Tengo una semana con esta maquina creí cuq seria una muy bu3na inversion. La costura recta lo hace bien pero cuando doy reversa no cose e esta precticando y moviendole cambiando hilos y telas y nada 😒


    1. Can you let me know which Model Juki you have?


  5. Geraldine Moore says:

    I have been reading a lot about JUKI machines (I currently have a Juki Serger that is over 30 years old) and after reading and reading I really like this machine. I have found on the computer prices for JUKI DX HZL-DX7 1399.00 and Exceed HZL F600 1049.00 but cannot find any pricing on the DX2000QVP model. Is there any way to find out a price. I live in Florida and there are several dealerships and would like to buy locally but in today’s world having an idea of price I think would be helpful. Thanking you for any information you can provide. Sincerely Gerry Moore


    1. Hi Gerry,
      The DX2000QVP is a non-internet machine. You will need to contact a local dealer for pricing.
      It does come with extra features that even the DX7 doesn’t have but you should find it similar in pricing.



  6. Can the walking foot be used with the quilting guide? Is it possible to use anything other than a straight stitch with the walking foot?


    1. Charlotte,
      You want to use only a straight stitch with your walking foot. A decorative stitch often will need to move forward and back to create the stitch and the walking foot will not allow for this movement.



  7. Judy Roberts says:

    Can you use the walking foot with the decorative stitches to do the final quilting. Love the machine.


  8. Kristine says:

    What is the difference between this machine and the DX7? From looking at the manuals, it looks like the QVP has some additional feet, but the same stitches as the DX7. Are there other differences? I am hoping to test drive a DX7 in the next week, but I’d love to know if the QVP is the better choice for me. Thanks!


    1. Kristine,
      The stitches are the same. The QVP has extra features with the quilter in mind including A cone style thread stand, and an additional 5 feet for your machine including free motion cording and an applique foot.


  9. Jane says:

    It looks great. Is this machine going to replace the Exceed? When will it be out.


    1. The exceed is still part of our Line. This has lots more great new features. The machine is currently available to our dealers.


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