Why We Quilt


The Big Bed Quilt in action doubles as a tent and a road for his Trains.

A lot of time was spent using Glow in the Dark thread.

I have to say the glow in the dark thread was difficult to run. I used it both top and in the bobbin. Lots of breaking and when it breaks it also shreds.  Had to loosen both top and bottom tension.

Now the bigger disappointment is the threads doesn’t really glow in the dark.

Ollie loves it anyhow. Goes everywhere with him. That why I Quilt.


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  1. Donna says:



  2. Karen Ross says:

    Such a cute and labor intense quilt. It reminds of jackets I made for my two nephews when they were little. It had a racetrack and miniature cars sew on. They are both grown men and still remember those jackets. I am sure your little guy will also remember this quilt.


  3. Millie says:

    Nice work!


  4. Shirley Brennan says:

    What a sweet little guy, you should be very proud of him. Quilt is so cute too.


  5. K Callison says:

    This is awesome! Also, thanks so much for the tip about glow in the dark thread. I never would have guessed it could be such a mess to work with.


  6. Jayne Daily says:

    Well done. He looks like he’s going to get a lot of use out of it!


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