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  1. Donna says:

    Probably the silver in the middle. I don’t like the thread to compete with the pattern on the quilt


  2. Irene Scott says:

    For those who are relative newbies at this, can you discuss more about why we would do this and what the process might be to actually audition and what would factor into eliminating one or the other thread. It would make for a great learning opportunity


    1. Ginny says:

      Irene when I “audition” a thread I’m looking for which color, size and sheen will enhance the stitches. Normally I aim for one that blends into the color scheme but when you have dark borders and light blocks it becomes a personal choice as to what color to use. If you choose a dark one it will blend nicely with the dark border but will jump out at you in The light colors. Same for a light color on light blending but jumping out on the dark. But just as Linda mentioned you need to consider the color of your backing. A dark color on top thread and light on bobbin thread can sometimes be distracting if your stitches don’t exactly meet in the middle of the quilt sandwich. A medium value is a good solution and often quilters will use a silver gray or med gray. I like a golden yellow or golden taupe not too bright when I’m working with multiple colors. Often I’ll be using a taupe in the bobbin but even if I have a darker color in the bobbin the threads seem very comparable. Some may suggest a variegated thread, and I have used this approach many times. I don’t like strong variation because the thread seems to disappear and appear in the stitches on occasion. But variegated thread on dark borders show off the color changes and will show off any imperfections in the stitching too. So when you audition a thread and decide on a color you are alo going to choose how thick your thread will be, and it you want a matte or shiny finish. Remember shiny need to be strong enough to stitch high speed without fraying. I hope this helps a little?


  3. anudge says:

    The grey in the middle.


  4. Millie says:

    I’d go for the purple thread!


  5. Kristina Callison says:

    I think I would choose the eggplant. It seems to be your feature color and it will both blend well with the scrappy stars and stand out beautifully on the lights.


  6. Jane plisga says:

    I would use the gray thread. Blends well with the center and would stand out as a cable in border.


  7. Irene Scott says:

    For those of us who are new to this, can you explain a little more about why you would do this, and what your specific process is to choose threads? It would really help us newbies (and I’d love to see more ‘how to’ and ‘why’ helpful posts like that)


  8. Linda Lee says:

    I would use the middle one…..but what is the back of the quilt ? Linda


  9. #2, because it won’the detract from pattern. I recently purchased the Judi TL-2200 QVP and have found your videos very helpful. My Bobbins don’t seem to be winding right…they fill from the top unless I use my finger to force thread down to make it fill evenly and as it comes off, close to center looks like a rat nest of tangled thread. If you have a video that addresses this issue, could you please send the link?


  10. Dianne Krenik says:

    I like the first one on the left, I think it will blend with your background, enhancing your piecing and then with the purple border, opportunity to show off your quilting


  11. Katherine says:

    “When preparing to quilt, I audition threads before starting. Which one would you choose? ”

    Use all three.


  12. Ginny Volle says:

    Regarding the thread color I think of the three the silver gray, but if it were mine, I’d probably do with a gold thread if I had one. Something that has a warm yellow gold not brassy which would be closer in value to the purple border, and blend nicely with the multicolors.


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