Thread Audition

And the Winner is …wp-1462286022820.jpg

…I used the one on the left.  ( at least for me)   I first thought I would use the one in the center but I quilted a Mermaid design with Robotics over each star.

The one on the Right I felt was too dark,  It would have taken away from the star design by showing up in the background area too strongly.

The light grey in the center was just the opposite.  It looked great in the background areas But in the dark areas it looked almost white in places which was not what I wanted or liked.

The one on the left was a light variegated.  It blended well over both the dark and the light not standing out anywhere so it did not detract from the star design.

What I did do… was put a very dark variegated in the bobbin.  The Quilt has a light mottled backing and I wanted the Quilt Design to show up for everyone to see.

I had to balance that tension perfectly.

Stay tuned for my border designs and finished pics of the Quilt.


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