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  1. Cheri Smith says:

    Hi! I purchased the juki dx200qvp back in nov. 2016 and I really need to get a ruler foot for some free motion quilting that I’m doing. Can you please tell me what to purchase because I purchased the one on amazon that has a spring for a low shank sewing machine but it’s not fitting properly. Thank you for any help on this.


    1. The Westalee foot may work. I have not used it on the machine but they do make a low shank, no spring


  2. Jan Austin, 828-669-8565 says:

    Hey, Karen, I’m glad to see this new addition. I’d like to connect with you sometime soon.


  3. Alicia Muniz says:

    Karen, I was at one of your classes in Colorado and at the time I still had not purchased the frame and automation. I have noticed that Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vac has stopped putting advertisement for the Juki TL2200 QVP. Are they no longer a dealership for Juki?


    1. Alicia,
      Both Rocky Mountain and B Right On are dealers for your Longarms in your area.


  4. Irene says:

    Excellent news, looking forward to getting it!


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