Consumer Training 2017 Update

Yes, this is very short notice…We are having a consumer training in the St. Louis Mo area which was filled with a waitlist from 2016.

We have just a few unexpected open seats.  If you are in the area and can make plans  for

Feb 1,2, and 3rd. please contact

More Dates will be posted Soon included Advanced Classes.

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  1. Susie Freeman says:

    I attended the St. Louis training and all I can say is wow and thank you! Karen, Chris, and Deana are wonderful and my head is exploding with new knowledge. I can’t wait for another opportunity to learn from these talented educators.

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  2. Gina G says:

    I hope you will do some classes using the sit down version. I know several on the blog who would join me. Thank you. Gina


    1. Gina,
      Stay in Touch, we will be adding some free motion classes in some or our stores.


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