How Much Thread is TOO MUCH

How much thread is too much is a silly question to ask me.  No such Thing !!

So, if you were shopping a local thrift store and you walked past a bin about 4 feet square and 4 feet deep full of Thread from a Local Mill,  Would You Dive In?  Now these aren’t serger or sewing sized spools.  They are GIANT.  All I could see was Color.

Thread Bin

So,  Husband was with me.  He was actually the one who said, You should get those.  It took me a minute to wonder why,  but then I thought, Why was I wondering.  It’s Thread.

My thread purchase

Yep, Filled the Basket with the most colorful ones,  They were a dollar Each and the money went to Habitat for Humanity.

So What would you do with these spools?  What else, add some cute wood plaques and Build A Thread Stand. thread stand 2

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My name is Karen Pharr and I am Juki America's Home Sewing National Educator. I love to Sew, Quilt, and anything else you can do with fabric.

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  1. Carrie Cunningham

    Hahaha! Love the stand!


  2. I wish you’d of got me some !!!!


  3. I’d use a thread stand and use it as well!
    I’ve done this before with stuffies, but I wouldn’t have picked…I would have asked them what is the best price they can do the whole lot for and bought the bin! Although since it is for such a good cause, I would have actually then given them a donation as well.
    My stuffie purchase? It was six black garbage bags full for $22.
    My best thread purchase was 10,000m cones for $1.50 each, but they were only nylon, so you have to use them carefully. Yours are far more interesting!


  4. Sew, Sew, Sew (so, so, so haha)


  5. Lucy Mae. EVans

    You truly bought these just to decorate with, right? If not, how do you plan to use all that wonderful thread?


  6. That husband is a keeper! What a great haul. Something very similar happened to me a few months ago, piles and piles of Gutterman, YLI, Maxilock and Mettler threads all for $10! So much I also needed a cart to get it all to the parking lot. The thread fairies are smiling down on us both!


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