Consumer Training for Sit Down Longarm

Longarm Sit Down CollageJuki is announcing the first ever Consumer Training for our Sit Down Longarm Customers.  This class is for Owners of the TL2200 QVP Sit down.

Where.  Linda Z Quilt Shop,  Arlington, IL

When Feb 13,14   10am to 5pm

Price  $350.00

Price includes 2 day training ,  lunches, and 1 night dinner.

You have been asking so we have put together our first Consumer Training for our Sit Down Longarm Customers.


Spend 2 days with instructor Dena Wilkins and learn all the ins and outs of your sit down longarm.

Dena is an amazing free motion quilter and her techniques will take the stress out of getting started on your quilts and having confidence to finish them.

Insure you are using all the features of your Juki TL2200 QVP to the best of their ability.   Use all the threads available to you and set perfect tension every time.

Become comfortable with your Free Motion techniques, Ruler work Techniques, When and how to best use the open toe foot, take a look at the couching foot and how to use it,  and get introduced to the new Glide foot.

Contact for an application.

Seating is limited.

17 Comments Add yours

  1. Darcy Coffin says:

    Oh!!!! Please, please, please come down to the Charlotte area!!!


    1. Gina Gust says:

      What is the sit down date and location. I want to come. Email is not clear. Thank you. Gina Gust,


  2. Amy Bishop says:

    I am so glad this is happening. Do you have plan for any other classes around the country? I am in the Denver area. While the dealer I bought this from are very nice, they aren’t very knowledgeable about this machine. What little I’ve learned has been trial and error on my part and very lacking online videos. Please come here or near by.
    As you can tell by earlier posts there is a great need for this.


  3. Shannon Barrett says:

    I couldn’t make this class due to not enough time to request off from work, can’t wait to see when the next one is scheduled, because I will be there! Any idea of when you will be putting together the schedule?


  4. Tiffany says:

    Agreed… Need more time/notice to schedule travel/time for classes….. How about the Houston area…bought my sit down machine 2 years ago…and still don’t really know how to use it… No instruction/classes here in the Houston Texas area…really???? Soooo sad


    1. Tiffany, We had a class last fall in San Antonio. Will be setting up more classes for the year. Stay Tuned.


    2. maryfkowalski says:

      I’m here in the Philly area with my sit-down long-arm that has tension issues. No repair person to come to house. Too heavy to move. Really need a class to help me learn more about this machine that I was so excited about !!


      1. Are you using a TOWA guage to set your bobbin case tension? What threads are you running?


  5. Linda Deen says:

    I was so excited to see this. I have had my sit down for about 3 years now. My local dealer did not support me with service or training. I can’t make the Arlington Il class but hope to see more scheduled in my area. I live in Arkansas. Little Rock would be good to plan a class.


    1. Hi Linda, we will schedule more. We do try to work in cities that are larger and central to customers so people can attend from around the country.


  6. Melanie Moore says:

    I had The opportunity to meet Dena at the Mancuso Quilt Show in Orlando. She knows the Juki machines and is amazing. She saw that I was watching her checking something and she explained what she was doing while she did it. You can tell she enjoys teaching but it feels more like sharing her knowledge. Super sweet lady and I felt so relaxed around her and I learned so much. I definitely recommend taking any classes/lessons with her. You won’t be disappointed.

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  7. Gina Gust says:

    I have wanted this forever. We need more time to find decent air tickets. Any plans for a sit down class in Denver?


    1. We will do our best to book a couple more of these this year but currently no plans for Denver area


  8. Do you have any plans to offer this training in Philadelphia?


    1. We will schedule a couple more of these for this year but currently no plans for the Philadelphia area


  9. tahoe34 says:

    We need a class in the Los Angeles area!!!


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