My Newest Juki Addition

My New Juki – Vintage HZL11

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My Newest Juki Purchase. The Frou Frou HZL-11.

The Frou Frou was released in 1977 for 69,000 yen (roughly $650) as a lightweight, compact sewing machine

One of the amazing features of this machine was the horizontal hook. A rare feature as lightweight sewing machines at that time used vertical hook.

Besides straight stitch, the HZL-11 has the ability to create horizontal stitches. ( zig zag ) Perfect for tailoring your pantsuit or bell-bottoms!

One of the few I have ever seen in Yellow.  I have come across some in White .  I wouldn’t mind to own a white one as well.

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  1. Daniel Loera says:

    Hello, gorgeous machine!!! I have one in white, and it sews great too. It’s a guarantee oooh and aaah from all your friends. Great Find!


  2. Janine says:

    I want one so cute it would complement my other jukis perfectly,not much hope of me finding one in Australia I would think.


  3. Tony says:

    Fascinating design, it is like the “futuristic” designs of the 60s. I have never seen one like this before.

    You beat me with the horizontal hook – My earliest horizontal hook is a 1979 Toyota 7700. I actually bought that machine because it could do stitches like zig-zag for stretchy fabrics.

    I really like the case for it, it holds the foot pedal and everything inside. Very well thought-out design, no wonder you are so proud of the machine, it is lovely!


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