Meet The Juki Girl

  1. Hi Karen, I have a funky problem with my upper tension. It starts running fine and then will intermittently tighten on it’s own for a few inches, pulling the bobbin thread to the top and looking terrible, and then it will go back to normal for a bit. I tried stopping the machine and manually pulling the upper thread through the needle and darn if it suddenly got really tight – and then loosened after a few inches of pulling it through. What could be wrong? The quilting looks inconsistent and bad . . . (BTW, I tried changing to a new needle, and am using a SoFine thread I have used successfully in the past.Fabric and batting is also consistent with what I have used prior.)


  2. I have a Juki TL 2200QVP Mini. Machine was working fine last week when I sewed a binding onto a quilted table runner. Am ready to piece a quilt today, and tension is off. In addition, the thread cutter is also off. When I cut, the needle thread flies up and out of the needle; and the bobbin thread is cut too short to even thread the machine again. Seems to be a huge amount of tension on the needle thread, even with tension at 1. Tried loosening the top tension thing as well. I love this machine when it works right. Can you help me? Thanks.


  3. Using the Juki ruler foot for the first time. Having problems with skipped stitches when free motion quilting diagonals or away from me. I had used the quilting foot that came with the machine with no issues. Sad to say I did mess with the bobbin case tension so I don’t know if I messed up something there. Tested a couple of threads and only the one from Joann’s makes the process tolerable. DH thinks the thread shouldn’t make a difference and that I need to take the machine in to be looked at.


    • Linda,
      It is possible the foot is too high, this can cause it to skip stitches.
      Put the ruler on the left side of the foot, place the needle in down position and put the foot as low as you can have it so it is snugly against the ruler.
      Tension can cause a bad looking stitch but not usually a skipped stitch. You are using a ruler base, correct?


  4. I’m doing free motion quilting on my 2010 using Isacord thread. I’m switching between two colors (same brand) and also bobbins (same thread top and bottom) so the colors match top and bottom. One color is perfect but when I but the other color in the top looks great but it’s obvious the tension on the bottom is not good. It’s not being pulled up. Laying on the fabric.In most cases I would tighten up the top tension but I was breaking sooo much thread and then a needle. I set it to 1.5 like you suggested and that really helped the break issues and no breaking needles. Long time sewer and customized embroider so I understand tension. This has got me scratching my head. I can’t reset my tension every time I change bobbins and thread. That would be beyond annoying! I do have a TOWA gauge. What should my bobbin case be set to? My next thought is a bad bobbin. But HEY! I’m not breaking thread every three inches any more!!


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