Meet The Juki Girl

  1. Shanon Sanchez

    Got it working. Just needed to change out my needle….thought I had a Juki HAx1 needle in there. Made all the difference; that and rebooting. They really do love having these specific Needles!!
    Btw, I’ve looked and looked but there is absolutely nothing printed in our Manuels about where or how to oil these HZL-F600 machines. Seriously, even the bobbin areas and below their casings are different than I’ve ever seen.
    Could you recheck that info regarding their oil maintenance? Not that I’ve used mine long enough yet to justify that……vs my huge industrial Juki I so love dearly.
    Appreciate your help,


  2. I am new to this machine and tryin to learn.


  3. Hi Karen, I have the same issue where my bobbin thread is too short when using the auto cutter, adjusted the top tension like you had suggested and my top thread is all messed up. Would you share the same email sent to Lucy? Thanks!


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