Juki Long Arm Retreat 2018

Juki Longarm Consumer Training 2018

Juki QVP Logo

New Training Details

Basic Training Price    3 days  $595.00
Lunches and snacks included each day.
Group dinner on evening of day 2.

If customer does not own Quilt Motion, Day 1-2 is $400.00.

Day 1-2 Overview: Set up, basic machine maintenance, LCD screen operation, loading a quilt, tension, threads, batting, free motion, marking your quilts, quilt rulers, blocks, borders and panto’s, laser work and more.

Day 3 Basic Quilt Motion

Advanced Training Price     4 days  $695
Lunches and snacks included each day.
Group dinner on evening of day 2.

Session Days 1-2 $400
Session Days 3-4  $400.00

Day 1-2  Overview: Free motion, fills, feathers, micro-quilting, advanced ruler work, and putting it all together in your quilt design.

Day 3-4 Advanced Quilt Motion


New Dates and Places for Juki Owners Longarm Consumer Training

OC Sewing Vacuum – Basic Training
13071 Harbor Blvd
Garden Grove, CA 92843

May 2,3,4 2018



Please contact Yelinda@Juki.com for complete details and application.  Classes will be limited in size. 


  1. Michele L'Heureux

    I’m in the Los Angeles area and would love a sit-down long arm class. I just got my Juki about a month ago and am loving it!


  2. When are the dates?


  3. Alexis vandewerfhorst

    I have sent 2 emails trying to get a spot in the garden grove class but haven’t gotten any response. Is there another contact I should try? Thanks.


  4. Alice Covington

    I totally agree!! I’ve been waiting for classes in the west coast too! I live in Oregon.


  5. Yes I am interested in a sit down longarm class


    • FYI

      I have waited a year for a class on the west coast. In fact they told me numerous times that there will be one by the end of last year. There wasn’t.

      My dealer who sold me my machine went out of business. Therefore I am now paying for a machine that I can’t use. I know there are videos online, but I have tried and it just doesn’t work for me.

      I hope they truly have one at least closer than Texas.


  6. Carolyn R. Larsen

    Any chance you will come to southern California this year?


  7. Cyndi,
    We hope to be adding classes this year. Are you looking for a longarm class?


  8. Karen, I haven’t seen anything posted about the training in Chicago yet. Am I missing something? I’d love to do the advanced class. I hope your holidays were great.


  9. I too am new to Juki long arm quilting world and would very much be interested in 2018 classes.


  10. I’m new to the juki world. I just assembled my sitdown quilting machine and cannot wait to really dig in and get started. Do you have a late 2017 or early 2018 training schedule?


  11. I would love yo know too. The west coast would be wonderful but I would like some heads up to plan the trip.


  12. Cate, Just posted a new training for Nov in Florida

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  13. Carolyn R. Larsen

    Karen, I have always wondered why Juki does not have some video training available and send it to us after we register our new machines or it could come in the box with the new machine.


  14. Alice Covington

    Thank you 😊 for your time.


  15. Alice,
    I am hoping to have a training session in California. I do not have dates yet. I realize it is a big state can’t promise Northern CA.


  16. Kim,
    There are new postings for 2017


  17. Chris
    Please check the new 2017 update. There will be training in Norfolk, VA


  18. LOL Sorry I meant to say *in or near upstate NY


  19. Chris Turnquist

    Is there Quilt Motion education?


  20. Alice Covington

    Will you be having any Juki retreats in Northern California, Oregon, or Washington?


  21. Would love to ask you some questions. I know your super busy so when your able can you email me or can I email you the questions? Thanks Alicia


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