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Our New Juki Mascots and Naming Contest

Meet the Juki Mascots

There is only One Problem… Bobbin is on the Left,  Hari is on the Right but our Mascot in the center Needs a Name.  He Totes a cute little thread spool necklace and loves to hang out with his sewing pals.


Winning Name will be announced in May and the Winner will receive a Juki Tote filled with Thread, sewing kit, buttons and more.

Enter Your suggestion here.       https://Mascot Name/www.rafflecopter.com/

Juki Longarm Consumer Training Announcement for 2017

Juki Longarm Consumer Training 2017

Juki QVP Logo

In an effort to continue to bring you quality training at multiple locations across the country, Juki will have the following new structure for 2017.

New Training Details

Basic Training Price    3 days  $595.00
Lunches and snacks included each day.
Group dinner on evening of day 2.

If customer does not own Quilt Motion, Day 1-2 is $400.00.

Day 1-2 Overview: Set up, basic machine maintenance, LCD screen operation, loading a quilt, tension, threads, batting, free motion, marking your quilts, quilt rulers, blocks, borders and panto’s, laser work and more.

Day 3 Basic Quilt Motion

Advanced Training Price     4 days  $695
Lunches and snacks included each day.
Group dinner on evening of day 2.

Session Days 1-2 $400
Session Days 3-4  $400.00

Day 1-2  Overview: Free motion, fills, feathers, micro-quilting, advanced ruler work, and putting it all together in your quilt design.

Day 3-4 Advanced Quilt Motion

New Dates and Places for Juki Owners Longarm Consumer Training

May 23, 24, 25   Basic Training Linda Z’s Sewing Center, 1216 E Central Rd, Arlington Heights, IL 60005

June 20, 21, 22, 23 Advanced Training Lansing MI @ Country Stitches 2200 Coolidge Rd East Lansing MI 48823

July 11, 12, 13  Basic Training Norfolk, VA @ Fabric Hut Store  828 E Little Creek Rd, Norfolk, VA – Cancelled

Aug 22, 23, 24 Basic Training San Antonio, TX @ Gromes Sewing 4719 Manitou Dr, San Antonio, TX 78228

There will be 1 additional Basic Training to be announced and 1 additional Advanced Training to be announced for 2017 ( These are planned to be on the Western part of the Country)

Please contact Yelinda@Juki.com for complete details and application.  Classes will be limited in size. 

Welcome to Quiltcon

Consumer Training 2017 Update

Yes, this is very short notice…We are having a consumer training in the St. Louis Mo area which was filled with a waitlist from 2016.

We have just a few unexpected open seats.  If you are in the area and can make plans  for

Feb 1,2, and 3rd. please contact Yelinda@juki.com

More Dates will be posted Soon included Advanced Classes.

Coming Soon

Testing the New Couching foot the TL2200 Longacre. 

We will have 2 interchangeable sizes to accommodate different sized embellishments 

New Juki Sewing Bags 

New Juki Sewing Bags 

Fits all your machines. Even the Tl2010 and Mini.

Hangin with Victoria 


 is in the Juki Booth.

Houston Start up

A Quick note on How to leave your family for a week and enjoy the Houston International Quilt Festival.

For me I cook. Making sure they are well fed makes me feel no guilt to be feeding my own appetite for Quilting.

Smoked brisket, marinate for 2 days. 10 hrs in the smoker, slice and enjoy. 

That should hold them for the week.

Consumer Training Dates 2016

Dates remaining for 2106 Consumer Training

Ruler work

Oct 5,6,7               Weatherford TX  (2 seats left)  Sewing world of Weatherford

Oct 20,21,22          Glendale AZ  (Full)  – MulQueens

Nov 16,17,18            Morris IL  –   Fabric Center

Nov 30, Dec  1,2      Advanced Training Miami FL  –  Juki Headquarters

Please Contact Yelinda@juki.com for Information

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