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How Much Thread is TOO MUCH

How much thread is too much is a silly question to ask me.  No such Thing !!

So, if you were shopping a local thrift store and you walked past a bin about 4 feet square and 4 feet deep full of Thread from a Local Mill,  Would You Dive In?  Now these aren’t serger or sewing sized spools.  They are GIANT.  All I could see was Color.

Thread Bin

So,  Husband was with me.  He was actually the one who said, You should get those.  It took me a minute to wonder why,  but then I thought, Why was I wondering.  It’s Thread.

My thread purchase

Yep, Filled the Basket with the most colorful ones,  They were a dollar Each and the money went to Habitat for Humanity.

So What would you do with these spools?  What else, add some cute wood plaques and Build A Thread Stand. thread stand 2

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